Interoperable, Secure & Future Proof.

Find the new age control with ChargeOS, a free to use operating system for EVSE. ChargeOS is a custom Linux distro specifically designed to control and operate EV chargers and replicate user experience across different hardware and service providers. 

The OS is compatible with OCPP 1.6 & above, ISO 15118 and can be upgraded with upcoming technologies and communication protocols, making your hardware future proof.

Why ChargeOS?

Reduce R&D Costs

Experiment with multiple configuration and components to deliver the best product.

Reduce Programming Cost

Driver based solution eliminates revisit to software stack for every hardware iteration.

Move more inventory

Extend the possibility to upgrade older hardware by swapping with newer components.

Quickest Time to Market

Save time by using off-the-shelf products without the hassle of custom development.

Monitor Hardware Health

Set parameters to check hardware health and extend predictive maintenance.

One-click Updates

Minor bug fix or major OS upgrade, keep the charger updated remotely with OTA updates.

Add to New Hardware

Clutter-Free Control

With SoC

Reduce the clutter of hardware. Our SoC-based solution can directly communicate and control the power electronics to extend seamless operation. Using SoC can de-cluster hardware & software design and improve hardware reliability with improved hardware monitoring.

List of Compatible SoC 

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Upgrade Old Hardware

More Control to You!

With SBC

Join the Charge Platform Instantaneously! ChargeOS on an SBC can be plugged into any existing charger using USB or Ethernet ports and managed using the Charge Platform to give user’s a seamless experience in addition to value-added Services

List of Compatible SoC 

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